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American Real PM Resource For Results

Written by: Dave Danielson



The bond you enjoy with your clients is something you protect.

You strive each day to meet their needs as you build relationships for life.

That’s why it means so much to have someone who understands that – someone who comes alongside you to support your efforts and growth for the future.

That’s where Kyle Karker and American Real PM come into the equation.

Experience and Expertise

Kyle is co-founder of the company with Scotty Mitchell. His emphasis on supporting his REALTOR® partners is no coincidence. It’s a direct result of his own experience.

“I started in real estate in New York City in 2005. In the process, I worked for 13 years selling and renting places, starting my own brokerage in 2014 before coming to Dallas,” Kyle explains.

“I understand the business deeply. We’re not here to sell houses. Our main focus is to protect the relationships that agents have with their clients. Our role is to manage these properties in between transactions. We work to help them do more deals because we believe that if a client has a really good property management experience, more houses will be sold.”

Building Trust on an Individual Level

Kyle’s approach to reaching results is straightforward.

“It’s all predicated on trust. If you don’t have trust, it doesn’t work. I use my knowledge and lessons from real estate in New York, and I can add value. No matter what, I’m helping REALTORS® sell more houses and have them deepen their relationships with clients. In the process, we take an individual approach. I work in a way that’s best for each REALTOR®,” he says.

“Along the way, I always answer my phone, and they can have their clients call me with any questions. It’s about trying to do as much as I can. It’s the human connection.”

Kyle’s reputation for reaching results is far-reaching. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find him as a part of his partners’ team meetings – people like local iconic real estate leader Lance Taylor.

A Fresh Take

Those who work with Kyle experience a fun, fresh approach to property management – and business development.

“We focus on excellence. Also, since we manage so much property, the owner naturally comes to us to sell a house we manage. We refer those deals to preferred partners, or whoever it was the referred the deal in the first place, and we guarantee the commission if we don’t,” he says.

“Those deals get referred to our preferred partners. Plus, we also have an active real estate investor database of more than 30,000 people that was built over a number of years. We’re going to start to market sales to these investors. We aren’t going to write those deals. Again, these will be referrals to agents we work with.”

What Matters Most

Away from work, Kyle looks forward to time spent with his wife, Ilana. They were married in June 2020 and have a baby on the way. They also have lots of fun with Kyle’s dog, Talulah, who also serves as the Chief Happiness Officer at American Real PM.

In his free time, Kyle has a passion for golf. In fact, he played the game at the Division I level in college. He also works out with a personal trainer, enjoys fly-fishing, and enjoys outdoor activities.

Growing up, Kyle was an all-county bass player and toured in Chile with an orchestra, where he learned to speak Spanish fluently.

He also takes pride in working with other local people to support disabled veterans, as well as the Creek & Timber Legacy, and other causes important to local REALTORS®, like Sharp Shoes and Missions to Haiti with Alan Billman.

Delivering a Difference

When you work with someone who cares about your success, you view them as a truly valued partner.

That’s definitely the feeling and experience you get with Kyle Karker and American Real PM…a resource for results.

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