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Real Estate

As an investor, no matter what your primary market may be, opting to expand your real estate portfolio may be the key to reaching your net worth goals. However, knowing exactly where to start can be a challenge. That’s why

Many people invest in a rental property with dreams of passive income—to be able to sit back and relax and let all that rent money take care of the rest. But let’s take off the rose-colored glasses for a second

Do you currently own an investment property that you're renting out, and you are currently handling all the tasks of being the manager yourself? Are you thinking about investing in rental properties, but you aren't sure if you are up

American Real Estate Investments John Larson gives mention to American Real PM in feature Think Realty article by Robert Springer, published April 27, 2017. "Once tenants have been placed, AREI’s sister company, American Real Property Management (ARPM), manages the properties. ARPM