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Why American Real PM Is Good For the Investor

At American Real PM, we know what it’s like to invest in real estate because the foundation of our company was built by real estate investors themselves. Therefore, we know what it takes to run a successful investment property. From managing rent payments to handling maintenance calls, resolving tenant concerns, and everything in between, our team is experienced in every aspect of owning and operating an investment home. 


Are you an experienced or first-time real estate investor? If so, you’re going to want to keep reading. Below, we’re breaking down the top three reasons why American Real PM is good for the investor. 


It’s Designed to Service Investors

As we said, American Real PM was created with investors in mind. One of the hardest parts that we found about investing was finding a high-quality property management company that we could wholeheartedly trust with our investments. We saw the need for a reliable property management company first hand. Over time, we realized that if we wanted the best property management in the industry, we had to create that missing piece ourselves. 


Our mission now is to provide support for both investors and tenants to ensure a great living experience for them and maximize the investment profits for you. We know how much work, effort, and money you put into your investment, and we want to take the heavy lifting off your hands. As we always say, American Real PM was created by investors, for investors. 


Property Value of Our Locations 

American Real PM works with real estate investors with properties in the Dallas Fort Worth, Kansas City, and St. Louis markets. What sets us apart from many property management companies is that our team is on the ground in the areas in which your investments actually are. Therefore, unlike companies working online from other parts of the country, we’re there in-person to make sure everything is running smoothly. So you can reap the profits of your investments worry-free. 


Clear and Simple Fees

Many property management companies appear to be affordable but often come with a slew of hidden fees. At American Real PM, we only have three clear and honest fees for every real estate investor we work with. These include the management fee, which is 8-10% of rent collected, tenant placement fee, and a renewal fee. That’s it. 


“Our fees may seem a little bit higher [than competitors], but the service that you’re going to get and the performance that you’re going to get from the home is going to be far greater than what one of these ‘budget’ companies is going to charge,” says American Real PM’s Chief Visionary Officer. 


Overall, the benefits for investors working with American Real PM contribute significantly to the success of their properties. If you’re an investor looking for a foolproof property management company, contact our team to get started. 

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