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American Real PM started in 2016, however the story of Scotty and Kyle began almost 20 years earlier. In early 2000’s, Scotty Mitchell decided to move from Dallas to New York to help his wife pursue her dreams of being on Broadway. Scotty had always worked his way up to management in different jobs, however he never settled on just one industry! After having experience in retail, food delivery, wait staff and telecommunications, he decided to get his real estate license and start a new career.

He found a team in a large brokerage firm that was looking to break off and start their own company. Scotty wanted to be able to manage his own team so he joined the new venture and put out a Craigslist ad to start recruiting. Kyle Karker found the ad, met with Scotty, and immediately Scotty knew he had to hire him. Within four years, Scotty was the Director of Operations and Kyle was his #1 agent. After several years of successfully running the brokerage, Scotty decided to move back to Dallas to start a family, while Kyle had decided to start a new brokerage with his mentor, Greg.

Scotty became a Senior Property Manager for a large single family management company in Dallas for a few years. In 2016, he was presented with the opportunity to start his own property management company with one of the top four turnkey investment companies in the country. He built many B2B relationships in the industry, had his first two hires in just a few months and was quickly growing. He then started his search for the perfect business partner to help him grow the company.

Meanwhile, Kyle had continued to run his brokerage in Manhattan, but his partner and mentor had recently passed, so he was looking for his next new opportunity. Kyle and Scotty reconnected and Scotty offered Kyle to partner up with him on American Real PM. Kyle’s response was “I wouldn’t be opposed” and a few days later, Kyle was packed up and on a flight to Dallas! Thus, American Real PM as we know it today, was born.



At American Real, we believe that just because it’s your property, doesn’t mean it has to be your problem.

Our mission is to provide support for you and your tenants, as well as maximize every dollar you put into your rental property.
Relax, this one’s on us. Created by investors, for investors.



To be recognized by investors as the leader in DFW property management by ameliorating past best practices with future technological advances and higher level expertise.


Meet The Team

Ugo Ginatta
Vice President

Ugo’s ‘American Dream’ started when he was a foreign student from Northwest Italy at the University of Denver (where he went on to meet his first wife and had two kids) but his appetite for enterprising and ability to branch out on his own had always been a part of his story. Even in high school, Ugo took on the challenge of selling rent-controlled apartments for his mother, who attests that he managed with persistence. Adventure, along with a nose for business opportunities, took Ugo around the world. His journey included owning a coffee plantation in Kenya, opening a small IT company in Italy, and the founding, fostering, franchising, and selling of Paciugo, a gelato shop chain, in Dallas. Ugo has since traded the gelato scoop in for a ‘for rent’ sign and a VP chair. Ugo’s age, enthusiasm, and life and business experiences are just some of the assets that will contribute to ARPM’s success.

John Larson
Chief Visionary Officer

John has done a little bit of everything in the Real Estate Industry, and has been a connector of many through his podcast, Real Estate Cowboys. His family worked in real estate in Michigan, so he got started in the industry as a teenager. He has now worked for several large investment firms with a past focus on single-family rentals, private international vacation rental properties, multi-family, and commercial. His relationship with American Real PM started as an owner, when the brokerage that he helped run chose them as their property managers for all of their DFW, KC, and St. Louis homes. He got to know the team very well, and has since joined us in a Business Development role to help with our exciting growth stage.

Brandon Bliss
Director of Property Management

Brandon epitomizes someone who’s focused on and fulfilling their dreams. When he sets his mind to do something, he goes all-in and sees it through without looking back. This has been true, no matter what situation Brandon has found himself in: from studying abroad and working at ski resorts, to graduating with honors from the University of Texas then starting his own kitchen design company, to going all-in on love and moving to Dallas. Brandon allowed himself to follow his gut to achieve his dreams. In 2012, Brandon connected with the owner of a small property management company who insisted he join their team. Upon acceptance, Brandon’s driving spirit led him from an entry-level position to the VP of Operations in 6 years. Brandon met the challenges as the company acquired over 15,000 homes by growing his property management team of 5 employees to over 70 to oversee the rehab, maintenance, and tenant management of the nationwide portfolio. Having mastered the craft of corporatized single-family real estate, Brandon is excited for the opportunity to push forward another burgeoning company. Ask anyone who has worked with Brandon and they’ll tell you that he brings proven expertise, sound judgement and dedication to growth to the ARPM team. He and his wife continue to pursue their dreams. She, by developing her skills as a rock band drummer, while Brandon enjoys classic cars and off-roading.

Chief Happiness Officer

Talulah’s story began at the age of two, when she was found running wild at a dog park, trying to make new friends. A rescue group was attempting to take her in, but she ran up to a man to see if he would save her instead. This man was Kyle, and he became her new dad.  Next thing she knew, she was living in an Uptown Dallas apartment with super comfy furniture and pillows to play with/snack on. Talulah deserved more, so her humans packed up and bought her a house. Now, she looks out the window to make sure all the cats in the neighborhood don’t infiltrate her house. Sometimes, her dad makes her go to work and sit through long meetings, and she hasn’t ever seen a paycheck.  Life has been difficult without having people around the office as often, but Talulah is always there to make people happy! The team at American Real PM can always count on her for kisses and cuddles, and that’s all it takes to keep smiles on everyone’s face.




Anne P

I have been very happy with American Real PM managing my rental properties in St Louis for a number of years. I've tried a few different property managers in the area and these guys are the best! Corey Brinkman is fantastic - he is always so responsive and on top of things, and takes responsibility for seeing any tasks or issues through to resolution, while being professional, positive-minded and friendly.

Nick A

American Real PM has been managing my rental property for about a year and a half now. Erik has been an excellent partner that is always responsive, thorough in communication, and helpful in resolving any issues. My goal in owning a rental property was to be as hands-off as possible, and Erik and American Real have helped the experience to be just that.

Ben C

I've been thrilled with American Real's Property Management services. Erik is fantastic at communicating with me. He always makes decisions in my best interest and I really love how he treats my property as if it were his own.