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What Today’s Renters Are Looking for in a Property

There’s a lot of competition in the home rental market. Does your property have what it takes to attract residents?

Here are what renters are looking for that will make them want to call your place home.

A Convenient Location

When considering a property, location is (and probably always will be) one of the most important factors. While there may be different interpretations of what makes a good location, basically, it’s all about convenience.

If a place is close to where they work, have a few restaurants or grocery stores nearby, and easy access to places they can have fun (like a park, mall, or theater), then it has a better chance of being chosen by renters. Even the quality of the school district can play a big part, particularly for tenants who have children.

Space for People and Things

Having room to move around is always a plus. But this doesn’t just mean having a large floor area. Open floor plans, lots of natural light, and ample storage space can go a long way into making a space feel bigger than it actually is.

Oh, and don’t forget about outdoor spaces. If your property has a place to enjoy some fresh air or even just a parking space, you should definitely let people know about it.

Renovations That Make Them Feel at Home

Renters looking for their new home want just that—something new! A house with an updated interior design is more attractive than one that looks like it was stuck in the past.

It’s not only about following modern design trends, though. A renovated place can give off the feeling that you’re moving into your home rather than occupying someone else’s. The house may be a rental, but residents don’t have to be constantly reminded of that fact.

No Hassle When It’s Time to Move In

Moving to a new home is a significant and often stressful life event. The easier you can make the process for a tenant, the more they will consider your property. One way to do that is by making sure the place is in its best condition before a potential renter even sees it.

Have the electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning systems checked to see if they’re in proper working order. Any repairs and cleaning needed on the property should be done as well. If a renter can just focus on moving in on the big day, that might just be what seals the deal.

A Landlord They Can Count On

When it comes to matters concerning the property, the landlord is often a tenant’s first point of contact. You have to show that their landlord isn’t just concerned about the property itself but also the wellbeing of the residents.

A good landlord should always make the renter feel comfortable with approaching them. They should be able to resolve any issues in a way that both parties will be happy with.

Having a property that renters are interested in is just the first step. If you need help for the rest of the way, American Real PM has you covered. We’ll help you find the right tenants, protect your property, and make sure that your investment pays off.

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