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Rockwall is medium-sized city located in the state of Texas. Much of the housing in this city has been built relatively recently, which makes it an attractive destination for potential tenants.

In addition, the city economy is strong and new jobs and amenities are also attracting an influx of new residents.

To be able to earn substantial income from renting your property in Rockwall, Texas, you need to maintain an efficient property management system that will help you not only stand above the competition, but also develop an adequate relationship with your tenants.

What we do as your Rockwall property manager:

Property management is not an easy task with so many moving parts and procedures to handle. American Real PM aims to relieve your stress and streamline the processes concerning property management for you. Leave it in our expert hands to handle the tedious process for you.

By letting us take some of the load off your back, you can focus on other important things regarding your property. You can rely on us to collect rent in your name and deposit it to your account as soon as possible, so that you have instant access to your funds.

In addition to that, we will work hard to maintain a business cooperation that will keep all of the participants satisfied. We will also guarantee that your property will keep its value.

To make sure your tenants will pay rent on time, we offer them different incentives and allow different methods of payments, collecting rent through a systematic process. If a payment is late or declined, our team will make sure your funds are recovered and cleared promptly.

Even though irregular rent payments are becoming an increasingly worrying problem, we make an effort to prevent losses caused by them. That way, your money will not stay out of your pocket for too long.

On top of it all, we believe in creating and maintaining an excellent professional relationship with your tenants. In return, this will ensure that your tenants will consider paying their rent on time.

Not only that, we will make an effort to explain all of their rights and obligations defined by the signed lease agreement. We will educate them on the importance of taking care of your property and keeping its value over time.

  • Fill vacancies

  • Advertise your rental

  • Handle tenant inquiries

  • Background and credit investigations

  • Application processing

  • Lease signing

  • Low vacancy rate

  • Accounting

The Benefits of using American Real PM

  • No hassle management

  • Automated owner statements

  • Online Owner Portal Access

  • Industry leading marketing tools

  • 24/7 maintenance request handling

  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests

  • Full service repair

  • Rent collection

  • Rent collection

  • Handle Tenant excuses

  • Evictions

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