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Just like throughout most of the Texas state, demand on the rental market in Garland, Texas has significantly increased over the past few years. Along with this trend, rents have gone up as well.

It may be too time-consuming for you to do your accounting yourself and this is the case for many people. Fortunately, our team here at American Real PM are experts when it comes to that.

What we do as your Garland property manager:

You might not be aware of this but renting out your property requires a lot of day to day activities in order for your investment to be secure and all the documentation to be prepared according to the regulations.

That is why the accounting service we provide is a very important aspect. Here at American Real PM, we have years of experience, so we make sure to do all of the calculations according to the regulations.

On the other hand, we will also prepare all of the papers needed for you to pass any type of control and audit with flying colors in Garland, Texas. Our goal is to maximize your profit by minimizing your expenses.

That is why we have set up a centralized accounting system to track all of your income and expenditures and record them in your income statement. On top of that, we fill out various forms, calculate your taxes and make sure you have access to all of the reports promptly.

All of your property management information is organized in one place and you can access it anytime you want through our online portal.

We provide you with detailed monthly statements for all of your properties and make sure all of the payments are recorded with the scanned check attached. We will also email you the original invoices and offer additional reports if needed.

All of our employees are covered by the general liability and the code of ethics, so your financial records are safe with us.

In addition to all of that, we make sure your rental income tax is calculated with all of the possible deductions. We aim to bring as much money as possible back into your pocket with each individual transaction.

  • Fill vacancies

  • Advertise your rental

  • Handle tenant inquiries

  • Background and credit investigations

  • Application processing

  • Lease signing

  • Low vacancy rate

  • Accounting

The Benefits of using American Real PM

  • No hassle management

  • Automated owner statements

  • Online Owner Portal Access

  • Industry leading marketing tools

  • 24/7 maintenance request handling

  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests

  • Full service repair

  • Rent collection

  • Rent collection

  • Handle Tenant excuses

  • Evictions

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