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You don’t want just anyone living in your rental property. There are all sorts of tenants out there and unfortunately, not everyone will make an ideal or responsible one.

Some people refuse to share all of their information on applications or have indiscretions in their past that make them less than ideal for your property.

If you want to find the right person to live in your property in Desoto, Texas, you’ll need to perform a background investigation and credit check. Background investigations ensure that you know exactly who the person living in your property is.

You’ll know everything from their past actions and records, to what their renting history has been like.

Of course, you’ll also want to know your applicant’s credit information. You need to know their financial history to make sure he or she can pay the rent on time and what you can expect with them living in your location.

This is all a part of the Texas policy of tenant screening, which is a little stricter than most other states. There’s a lot that goes into screening, but this process can help you minimize missed or late rents while avoiding bad tenants.

What we do as your Duncanville property manager:

You don’t want a shady tenant renting your property. Unfortunately, though, it’s not always possible for you to follow through with the entire screening process when you have your own life to live.

You might even lack the knowledge you need to completely address every rule of credit checks or background investigations. American Real PM can assist you with finding better renters and following through with every part of the credit and background check process.

We do tenant screening to help protect your investment, examining every aspect of every tenant. In other words, you can be sure that we will find you the best tenant possible for your place.

Our screening process helps you determine the reliability of your prospective renter by looking at their rental history and determining the financial risk they pose to you. We’ll root out the people with inconsistencies in their rental history and take a look at their debt too.

Let us do all the hard work of discovering your renter’s financial behavior. You’ll know everything from your prospective renters’ debt, to their personal history so that you can get the most out of your property.

  • Fill vacancies

  • Advertise your rental

  • Handle tenant inquiries

  • Background and credit investigations

  • Application processing

  • Lease signing

  • Low vacancy rate

  • Accounting

The Benefits of using American Real PM

  • No hassle management

  • Automated owner statements

  • Online Owner Portal Access

  • Industry leading marketing tools

  • 24/7 maintenance request handling

  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests

  • Full service repair

  • Rent collection

  • Rent collection

  • Handle Tenant excuses

  • Evictions

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