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People tend to rent a lot more than before, as opposed to buying a property of their own. In fact, the biggest demographic of renters are millennials, who are weary of buying their own properties, especially after the home ownership busts during the 2000’s.

Therefore, rent collection may become a serious issue at times. This is why you should make sure to have someone to handle it for you, with the right professional and legal tools.

Missouri Rental Laws state that the maximum-security deposit should be equal to two months’ rent. You may use it to compensate for the costs you might have if the tenants are not acting in accordance to the lease agreement.

On the other hand, these laws also say that when the rent is not paid when due, the landlord has the right to provide an immediate unconditional quit notice. The terms and conditions concerning the due date and late fees are defined by the lease agreements.

What we do as your Missouri property manager:

American Real PM strives to resolve any issues you might have with your tenants due to rent collection and will make an effort to make the ongoing arrangement work better.

Our rent collection service will monitor each of your tenant’s individual payments to make sure your rent is paid on time. If a payment is late or declined, our management system makes sure that the funds are recovered and cleared promptly.

This way, you will get compensated in the shortest amount of time possible, preferably not having to evict your tenants and search for new ones. The deposits and rents are collected in accordance to the terms defined by the signed lease agreement.

All of the payments are deposited into your account promptly, to make sure you receive the money with no delay. In addition to that, we offer tenants various ways to pay their rent and motivate them to pay it on time through a collaborated system of incentives.

Rest assured that all of our team members are property management experts, with strong communication and negotiation skills. Therefore, we will build a trusting relationship with your tenants and make sure each of them is treated fairly and with respect.

This kind of practice, in return, gives very positive results, as reflected in timely rent payments and tenants taking better care of your property as well.

  • Fill vacancies

  • Advertise your rental

  • Handle tenant inquiries

  • Background and credit investigations

  • Application processing

  • Lease signing

  • Low vacancy rate

  • Accounting

The Benefits of using American Real PM

  • No hassle management

  • Automated owner statements

  • Online Owner Portal Access

  • Industry leading marketing tools

  • 24/7 maintenance request handling

  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests

  • Full service repair

  • Rent collection

  • Rent collection

  • Handle Tenant excuses

  • Evictions

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