The Best in Property Management in Dallas

Raising the bar when it comes to property management in Dallas. We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them.

We are strong believers in managing your valuable properties as if we owned it. American Real PM strives to be the best for property management in Dallas. We take a strong interest in real estate, but our clients come first, always.

We will handle all of the hard work for you. We help collect rent, remedy any maintenance issues, screen and find the best tenants, inform you when an upgrade may be needed, and so much more.

We always aim for complete satisfaction from our clients. We know that these properties are important to you. Some of the properties might be your retirement fund or a serious investment, and we want to help you achieve optimal income from them. Dallas property management is our specialty and passion.

Stress Free
Simplify your life

We handle most of the stressful parts of owning property. Let us make it easier on you and help you enjoy your life a little more.


If there is anything that causes you stress in owning property, let us know and we can handle it for you. No one enjoys chasing tenants for rent when it’s due. Let us make the entire property management journey hassle-free and stress-free for you.

Monthly Statements
Understand your investment

You can log in to your very own Owner portal on the 10th every month to check on your property. It is updated monthly to help you keep track. This will give you a great idea on where your property is financial wise. No more trying to contact your property manager. You have access to your Owner portal 24/7.

Online Access
At your fingertips

You can view the information about your property anytime online. We have a portal that each individual client has a log in to check their properties.


The online portal is easy to navigate. It is also updated regularly, so you can see your investments in real time.

Only The Best Tenants For You
Keep your properties safe

We rigorously screen every tenant who is at least over 18 years of age. We help you ensure that they are the best that you can have. If you have certain expectations in your tenants, let us know and we will help to make sure they meet your criteria as much as possible.



On Time Payments
We pay quickly

You will always receive your money for that month, no later the 15th. It’s your money, so you should have it on time every month. We won’t make you wait for your money.

Industry Leader
Platinum member

Our Management System is industry leading with its simplicity for owners and complete protection of their assets.

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We combine the best of our skills and ideas to help provide the best property management service available.

Why You Should Choose Us

We want to ensure you get a great return on your investment. We deeply care about our clients, and the tenants. After all, no one wants to live somewhere that is poorly managed.

While we want our clients to succeed, we also want them to have happy tenants. We don’t just meet standards and expectations, we exceed them.

Our property management services in Dallas are here to help you. Whether you need someone to help with a little or a lot, we are the best property management company Dallas.

We assist you in meeting your goals for your property. Each property is different, and we know that. We make a different plan and approach for each individual property and client.

Technology used by property management Companies
A Name You Can Trust

Our experts are highly trained and we have over half a century of experience in property management. We have handled real estate in over half of the country. .

Property Manager Using Tablet Computer
Keeping Up

Not only do we keep up with real estate trends, we also keep up with technology. As technology grows and progresses, we follow it to make it easier for you as well. Our website has an easy to follow interface and it is very interactive as well.

property manager writing notes
Excellent Employees

All of our employees also go through a very thorough background check and screening. You will never need to worry about who is on your property or helping to maintain it.

Easy Setup
Streamlined onboarding

We can help you get your property set up the same day and easily. We handle all of the hard work for you. Our experts are ready to help you get a return on your investment.

Analyzing Your Property
Instant Rental Range

Our experts can help you analyze your property immediately. Once we get to your property, we can give you an estimate on rent prices within 5 minutes. Give us a call today!

Entire Portfolio
Manage your entire portfolio

We can handle a portfolio of any size and even offer package deals. Whether you have a small portfolio that you are starting on, or a larger one, we can handle it all.

Meet our CEO

Meet Scotty, our CEO

Scotty Mitchell, the co-founder and COO of American Real PM, gets interviewed by Keith Weinhold, the founder and host of Get Rich Education. GRE is one of the top investment talk shows in the United States. Learn about the DFW market, American Real PM, and more…

  • Decades of Real Estate Experience

  • Business Owner and Investor

  • Serial Entrepreneur

Why to choose American Real PM

Let us join your team and help make your property investments succeed.